Confirmed: Four-Door Jeep Pickup Truck [News]

Jeep Crew Chief 715 Concept

The Jeep Easter Safari in Moab, Utah is next week, so there is no better time for Jeep-philes to geek out about all the cool concepts we’ve become accustomed to seeing this time of year. Pictured above is the Crew Chief 715 concept that we recently reported on. It turns out the Crew Chief has more of a footing in reality than fantasy, however, as Jeep Chief Designer Mark Allen has recently told Outside Magazine there will most definitely be a Wrangler-based four-door Jeep pickup. Said Mark Allen:

“We’ve hidden some hints about what’s going on behind the scenes, right in front of you…we’ve never done a crew cab pickup [concept] before. Hint, hint,” he said, adding “there may be things you see on the Crew Chief that you might see on that truck.”


Among the items you shouldn’t expect to see on the new pickup are the military-style tires, stamped tailgate, and old-school grille. What we should expect is a 5-foot bed (give or take) and styling that draws heavily from the current Wrangler Unlimited. Use of aluminum will likely take place, as well as an updated Pentastar V6. Of course, this is only speculation until the vehicle is officially unveiled… hopefully next week in Moab and at the New York Auto Show. Stay tuned, as we’ll be at both events bring you all things Jeep-related. Until then, check out the video below of the Nukiser Pickup from a couple years ago.

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