Clean and Simple Bagged Nissan Titan [Photo of the Day]

Winnemucca, Nevada is a small town 170 miles northeast of Reno and is the half-way point between Salt Lake City and San Francisco along Interstate 80. Caught on camera is this Nissan Titan riding on an air suspension system peacefully parked near a teepee. Something you don’t see everyday in a Northern Nevada town that has a population less than 8,000 residents.

nissan titan air ride suspension

What is especially notable about this Titan is its rear bed and the professional installation of the air suspension kit underneath. The bed looks to be a few inches shallower than factory spec in order to fit the air tank and compressor underneath. From the topside view, the bed looks almost completely stock except for the rails and bedliner.

nissan titan air ride suspension

Don’t think air suspensions are only for show trucks. The right air suspension system is also helpful if your truck’s ride and handling are getting sloppy because the suspension components are tired and worn out. An aftermarket kit can restore the ride quality and help with leveling the truck when carrying heavy loads. In a nutshell, airbag technology does improve the ride and can absorb much of the load, which reduces bottoming out and offers a protective air cushion that softens contact between the axle and frame.

Watch this video to see factory air suspension at work in a Ram 1500 with a cutaway of the truck: