This Nissan Patent Application May Hint at a Frontier Soft-Top with a Pass-Through: What Do You Think?

By the looks of this patent, we may get a Nissan Frontier soft-top that has a pass-through leading to the rear!

If this patent is to be believed, we might see a Nissan Frontier soft-top in the future. Posted on January 9th, 2024, this is an interesting makeover for the Frontier, to say the least. Keep in mind: not all patents result in a product being built, but it’s fascinating to see what engineers are thinking about.

In addition, the rear bulkhead might be replaced by an actual pass-through. The soft top looks like it retracts, similar to Jeep’s Sky One-Touch Power Top. While this seems unlikely, just imagine how revolutionary this would be in the auto industry. In addition, it could make the Nissan Frontier unique amongst its competition.

There’s more! It appears that the bed of the truck could get a shell that has removable plastic windows, and what appears to be a plastic-glass removable roof. That shell looks like it could be right out of a Jeep’s catalog. In addition, there is a removable bulkhead seal that sits in the middle of the bulkhead reinforcement bracket.

The section looks like it may take up a bit of bed space, and it appears to be extra thick. That thickness may have to do with reinforcement. Keep in mind: the rear bulkhead leading to the bed is an important part of the cab’s structure. Add to that the fact that the other bulkhead, in the front of the bed, has to be reinforced as well.

There is a lot of engineering needed to make this whole thing work. Still, it looks might cool to us. Check out all the details in the images we’ve supplied from the U.S. patent office!

Given the recent sales drop in Frontier sales; which shocked us, perhaps Nissan is looking at ways to sweeten the Nissan Frontier. Appealing to a wider audience with something like this seems like a good start. I wonder if they will add a removable seat mounted in the bed?

Nathan Adlen
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