The Crazy Off-Road Trucks of the 2015 Overland Expo [Gallery]

overland expo expedition 4x4 vehicle rediculous
This truck is called – Red-iculous (Freightliner chassis)

What is the overland experience about? It’s defined as traveling “by land”, but it means something unique to each person. This is what we found out at the 2015 Overland Expo in Mormon Lake, Arizona. Above all else, this experience is about adventure and exploring the world. Exactly how a person does it can vary from using a small tent to traveling long distance in a giant off-road rig with every amenity and provision. No matter the budget or taste, the experience is about the freedom and curiosity of exploration.


The vehicles vary from a small off-road trailer with storage and a tent, to slide-in campers, to 4×4 conversion van, to pickup trucks, and on to semi and military truck based vehicles. Check out the all-new 2016 Toyota Tacoma carrying a slide-in / pop-up camper.

2016 toyota tacoma camper slide-in pop-up overland
2016 Toyota Tacoma

If you are really serious about your expedition and have the budget, then you might consider a vehicle based on military-grade chassis such as the Unimog and the BAE Systems.

bae systems chassis expedition vehicle
BAE Systems chassis

Check out this walk-around of the EarthRoamer XV-LTS Ford F-550 chassis expedition vehicle.