Sales: Rocky Mountain Region cannot get enough Ford F-Series Retail

2013 ford f-series f-150 crew platinum

Rocky Mountain region loves pickup trucks!  Take Ford as an example.  Ford defines the ‘Denver Rocky Mountain Region’ as the states of Colorado, Utah, lower Idaho, and northern Wyoming.  This is a largely rural territory with a total population of approximately 9.0 million, and around 3.7 million of those concentrated within two large metro areas of Denver and Salt Lake City.  This sounds like prime pickup country and it is.

Ford is reporting that Denver Region is a successful truck market for both light duty F-150s and Super Duties.  For comparison, the Denver Region represents 3% of Ford’s overall national retail sales.  However, F-Series trucks comprise 4% of all retail sales, and Super Duty takes a 6% slice.  In fact, Denver Region is the 5th largest volume territory for Super Duty in the United States.  Please note, all this data is solely for retail sales and fleet sales volume is not included.

So how did the F-Series doing in the Rocky Mountain region for the month of June and over the first half of 2013?   It’s doing exceptionally well.

F-150 posted a huge 41% growth in June over last year, and equally impressive 32% improvement Year-to-Date.  The Super-Duty was not far behind with 23% growth Year-to-Date for the first half of the year.  The overall United States pickup truck market is on track to hit and perhaps break the 2,000,000 units barrier for this year.  What a great news!

Check out this insider TFL video of the Ford Atlas Concept being revealed in Detroit:

Andre Smirnov
Andre Smirnov

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