News: All-New Arc Sport Wake Boat Is Making Waves with A Goal To Shake Up the Industry

It goes on sale later this year.

Arc Sport is making its world debut this week. It’s an all-electric wake boat that aims to shake up the industry. Pickup trucks and sport boats go together like coffee and cream. While the automotive world is going through an electrification transformation, why shouldn’t the sport boat industry do the same. Here are the specs.

The new Arc Sport is a fresh design. It’s a 23-foot sport boat that can carry up to 15 people. This is pretty much the same capacity as traditional V8-powered sport boats. The Arc Sport uses up to 226 kWh of battery capacity to produce upwards of 570 horsepower and a crazy amount of electric torque. This should be plenty of oomph to create big waves or tow happy skiers, wakeboarders, or tubers behind. Arc says that they pay special attention to wake generation by strategically placing the battery weight inside the hull, using a ballast system, and a 3-Tab system to control the attitude of the boat in the water. The tower can be raised or lowered as needed.

This is Arc’s second all-electric boat. The first is called the “Arc One”, and it is currently sold out. The Arc Boat company is privately funded, and some reports state that the company collected around $110 Million in investments to this date.

Main propulsion comes thanks to a “V-Drive” prop orientation. The main propeller is under the transom (rear) of the boat. The Arc Sport uses a bow thruster to make slow speed maneuvers easy. Arc says the boat has plenty of storage, over-the-air software update capability, large screens, and video capture.

arc sport ev boat

Arc Boats says that its electric boat experience is unique due to a nearly silent and low vibration electric motor operation. We are currently used to loud V8 engines on our lakes, but loud noise and vibration add to the fatigue. It would be refreshing to give a new wakeboarder or skier a few verbal pointers without yelling at the top of your lungs or being unable to communicate verbally.

The Arc Sport is not the first all-electric wake/sport boat that hit the market. Nautique introduced its GS22e around four years ago. Nautique is one of the original sport boat manufacturers and they electrified its GS22 boat. This venture was not totally successful. The GS22e was pricier than most of its V8-powered competitors and Nautique did not sell very many of them. The GS22e is currently discontinued.

We still do not know some Arc Sport specs, such as charging speed and expected full-charge run time. We will have to wait a bit longer to learn more and hopefully experience this boat in person.

2025 arc sport tech specs ev boat

Company says that the Arc Sport’s dry weight is 6,900 lbs. Even if you add your gear to it and put it on a trailer, this boat can be pulled by most full-size half-ton pickup trucks, including all the current electric pickups that are rated to tow between 10,000-11,000 lbs.

The starting price for the Arc Sport is $258,000 and it should be available for sale later this year. This starting price is significant, but a starting price for a 2024 Super Air Nautique G23 wake/surf boat is $232,934.

What do you think? Would you like to experience an electric sport boat?

Here is Roman towing an Arc One with a Ford F-150 Lightning.