Video: The Plan Was to Buy 3 Cheap Toyotas…Until Nathan Broke the Bank! | Cheap Toyotas Ep. 2

Nathan's truck is No Fair!

cheap toyotas toyota land cruiser 4runner tundra episode 2

It’s time for a proper “Cheap Toyota” off-road shakedown. In episode 2 of the series, we go to one of our favorite Rocky Mountain trails (Iron Clads) to see what our cheap Toyota trucks are made of. This is also when Nathan surprises us with his purchase. The Sequoia he purchased is no more, due to the mistake of the seller (dealership) about disclosing rust. Instead, Nathan rolls up in a 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser (80 Series), and he completely breaks the banks.

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This is the episode before we mounted our new Falken Wildpeak R/T HD tires. Tommy is going up first in his 1999 Toyota 4Runner. He has a rear selectable locking differential. Will it help him out or is it way too tired after 250,000+ miles?

I am driving up next in my 2008 Toyota Tundra. There are several elements stacked up against me. Although my truck is a TRD Off-road model, I do not have a selectable rear locker. My truck is all stock. It has a long wheelbase and a poor breakover angle. The old tires are not really meant for off-roading. Will I drag my truck’s belly over rocks the entire way?

Nathan is coming up behind me. It’s not fair because his Land Cruiser has a suspension lift with Old Man Emu shocks. The Land Cruiser is rolling on larger-diameter tires. He has a lot of ground clearance! However, he does not have a front or rear locking differentials. This may bite him.

Join all the fun in the video below.