Video: Are Old Toyotas The Most Reliable Trucks You Can Buy? We Torture Them Off-Road – Cheap Toyotas Ep.4

This Utah trail is the culmination of the series.

The day is finally here! Our three cheap high-mileage Toyota trucks get to tackle an off-road trail in Moab, Utah. All three of us are rolling on new Falken Wildpeak R/T HD all-terrain tires. My 2008 Toyota Tundra V8 has a new radiator fan support and a front airbag sensor. Tommy’s 1999 Toyota 4Runner is running much better after he resolved an engine misfire with new spark plugs, wires, and a new fuel injector. The 1995 Toyota Land Cruiser did not need much at all. Let’s hit Moab!

Big thanks to our friends at Falken Tires and Rider Justice for sponsoring the Cheap Toyotas series! Find out more about the Falken Wildpeak R/T tires. Another huge thanks to the team at Rider Justice. They are a trusted personal injury law firm with a specialty in helping motorcyclists and overlanders after a bike or vehicle accident.

We are on our familiar Fins-n-Things off-road trail. This is where we can really test the toughness and longevity of our trucks. Tommy is leading the pack in his 4Runner. He has a selectable locking rear differential and over 252,000 miles! Will his running gear survive these rocks? Nathan’s Land Cruiser does not have locking differentials, but Nathan is still very confident. He has lots of ground clearance and a very tough chassis (with around 165,000 miles). I am a bit nervous because my stock-height Tundra crew cab does not have a lot of ground clearance and my long wheelbase offers a poor breakover angle. I start to drag my side steps and bumpers on the rocks almost immediately.

Please join the video below to see how we do!

Stay tuned to our channel for Episode 5 (season finale) which is coming up tomorrow. It will be the road trip from Boulder, Colorado to Moab, Utah.