Video: New 2024 Ford F-150 Adds New Style, New Tailgate, Loses One Engine Option, & It Tows Less Than Before

We have the starting price and so much more.

2024 ford f-150 lariat turbo v8 tailgate towing payload

The wait is over, the refreshed 2024 Ford F-150 makes its official world debut. Here are all of the official specifications, new features, and what’s missing. Let’s dig in!

2024 Ford F-150

The chassis and most body panels on this refreshed F-150 remain as before. Most of the powertrain options are also the same. The front and rear styling is new. The interior is updated. There are new technology features and a new optional multi-function tailgate. Tailgate wars are back in full swing. We have all the details below, including the starting price and availability.


The 2024 F-150 powertrain lineup remains mostly unchanged, but the current naturally aspirated 290 horsepower 3.3L V6 is discontinued. The new base engine is the well-regarded 2.7-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6. This engine is very powerful and quick, but it may raise the starting price of the 2024 F-150 by around $1,285 (this is the current optional price of the 2.7L TT V6 over the 3.3L V6).

Here are the new 2024 engine specs*. The caveat here is that final power output ratings and fuel efficiency estimates have not been set yet. This is due to the latest EPA requirements for 2024. The power numbers will be very close to where they are in 2023. The table below has 2023 power output specifications. All six of these engines are mated to a 10-speed automatic transmission.

2.7L TT V6325 hp @ 5,000 rpm400 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm
5.0L V8400 hp @ 6,000 rpm410 lb-ft @ 4,250 rpm
3.5L TT V6 400 hp @ 5,000 rpm500 lb-ft @ 3,500 rpm
3.5L TT V6 Hybrid430 hp @ 6,000 rpm570 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm
3.5L TT V6 H.O. Raptor450 hp @ 5,850 rpm510 lb-ft @ 3,000 rpm
5.2L SC V8 Raptor R720 hp @ 6,650 rpm640 lb-ft @ 4,250 rpm


The 2024 F-150 offers many class-leading technologies that help with trailer towing and using your F-150 as a truck. This includes the trailer backup assist, trailer hitch assist, smart hitch guide, and onboard scales. Here is how the new 2024 F-150 compares to its competition.

Max PayloadMax TowingStarting Price
2024 Toyota Tundra1,940 lbs12,000 lbs$39,965
2024 Chevy Silverado 15002,260 lbs13,300 lbs$36,800
2024 Ram 15002,300 lbs12,750 lbsn/a
new 2024 Ford F-1502,455 lbs13,500 lbs $38,565

Indeed, the updated 2024 F-150 has class-leading maximum payload and towing ratings, but the story is a bit more complicated. The current 2023 Ford F-150 and several model years before were able to be equipped with a “Heavy Payload” or “Maximum Towing” package. The 2023 F-150 maximum payload rating is 3,315 lbs and the maximum trailer tow rating is 14,000 lbs. (see the 2023 Ford F-150 spec sheet images below).

Ford says the take rate on the F-150 “Heavy Payload” package was very small, so they removed it. All new 2024 F-150 pickups will get a 36-gallon fuel tank as standard, so the chassis and capability testing had to be redone. As such, the new maximum payload and max. towing ratings had to be adjusted.

All new 2024 F-150 pickup trucks will get a 12-inch digital cluster screen and a 12-inch center infotainment screen. The upper trim levels will get an optional HUD (Heads Up Display).

Tailgate War!

The tailgate war is heating up once again. It’s the 2024 Pro Access Tailgate that is optional on some new F-150 trucks. The midsection of the standard tailgate can swing open as a barn door from the driver’s side. It can open 37 degrees, 70 degrees, or 100 degrees. Ford says they also looked at doing a tailgate where the entire thing swings to the side, but they decided this version made more sense. It has to do with all of the other weight-carrying requirements of the traditional tailgate, and how far the swing-out section can open when in tight quarters.

Ford Stolen Vehicle Services

This is a big deal. Ford is offering a new subscription-based service called – Ford Stolen Vehicle Services. When the vehicle is parked & locked, and the system determines that somebody is tampering with it – it sends an alert notification to the owner’s Ford Pass app. It’s up to the owner to make a decision – is this something worth pursuing or is this something that was expected? If it’s a theft attempt worth pursuing, the owner can initiate a case via the app. Now, the 24-hour call center is involved and the owner is routed to call the local law enforcement agency. A command is sent to the truck remotely to prevent a master reset from being performed. It means the thief cannot reset the truck to factory settings, and the authorities have access to the GPS location of the vehicle.

Once a police report is generated, the Ford Stolen Vehicle Services call center will facilitate the case and monitor it until resolution.

2024 Ford F-150 Tremor

The 2024 F-150 Tremor gets a fresh new face and a new modular bumper that can accept many accessories. If you want to add a light bar or a 12,000 lbs WARN winch, this new bumper can accommodate several different accessories.

F-150 Raptor & Raptor R

Ford went from 44 Raptor configurations down to six. They did it while still offering all of the existing options and more.

It starts with a standard 2024 F-150 Raptor that rolls on 35-inch tires and current FOX Live Valve 3.1 dampers. It is still powered by a 3.5-liter TT High Output V6 with approximately 450 horsepower.

If you opt for the Raptor 37 package which comes with 37-inch tires, and new FOX Live Dual-valve 3.1 dampers (with adjustable compression and rebound valves). modular front bumper, and updated luxury interior with the latest Recaro seats.

You can also step up to the Raptor R which comes with all of the items listed above with the Raptor 37, and a 700+ horsepower 5.2-liter supercharged “Predator” V8. The final power numbers and price have not yet been announced.

2024 F-150 Trim Levels

  • It all starts with the F-150 XL.
  • The STX is now its own trim. You can also get an STX with an FX4 off-road package. The STX can be configured with a Black Appearance Package or electric lime color trim.
  • The popular XLT trim remains.
  • The Lariat is here and it rachets up the luxury features.
  • The Tremor off-road truck gains functionality with a Ford Performance winch.
  • The King Ranch returns as the premium western motive.
  • The Platinum trim remains as a luxury truck.
  • The all-new Platinum Plus trim level replaces the Limited trim that was there before. This is the top dog luxury truck.
  • The Raptor, Raptor 37, and Raptor R return with new suspension options, power choices, and updated style.

There should be an F-150 available to your taste and capability needs.

Price and Availability

The current 2023 Ford F-150 starts at $33,835. The refreshed 2024 F-150 will start at $35,800. Orders for all trim levels of the F-150 (including the Raptor and Raptor R) are open now. Ford is expecting the refreshed 2024 F-150 trucks to reach dealerships in early 2024.