Video: My New Chevy Colorado Is Bricked & Won’t Move – Can I Fix It?

Here is just one testimonial from another owner.

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This issue appears to be affecting many owners of the new 2023 Chevy Colorado and 2023 GMC Canyon. I refer to it as the “Infinite Loop” of the OTA Update. After some research, this issue is more likely caused by the over-the-air software update getting either stuck in the middle or leaving one of the components in an “on” state. This causes the 12-volt battery to be drained and causes the truck not to start.

Here is an ownership report from Matt W. who owns a 2023 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss (much like mine). His experience has been similar to mine, but Matt has experienced several issues that I have not.

Matt W. writes…

“I believe I was one of the first people in North Carolina to receive a custom order 2023 Chevy Colorado Trail Boss. I work hard for a living but by no means am I rich so spending $46,000 in the hope of this being a reliable truck/vehicle was a big deal for me. Since owning it, there has seemed to be problem after problem.

Within the first week of owning it I noticed when I would unlock & get in the truck for about 5 to 10 seconds there would be a series of mechanical clicking coming from the engine, door locks, & even the gas & brake pedals. This issue did not occur every time when unlocking the truck but it happened enough to the point where I was concerned. After the “clicking” noises would stop everything was normal, & the truck would work fine.

Within two weeks of owning it, I was asleep at night with the truck parked in the garage when I was awakened by the alarm going off. I jumped out of bed and ran into the garage to find nothing had fallen on/or near the truck, the door leading to my garage was still locked, so there was no reasoning as to why the alarm should be going off. This again happened two more times within the following months, again for seemingly no reason at all.

“Another glitch since owning the truck I have noticed was one time I started the truck & the gauge cluster screen did not turn on. I had to turn the truck on & off twice before it finally turned on. Also, the “blind side assist light” has never worked as I had hoped. The blind spot light will randomly turn on when no one is beside me, then even worse.. at times not turn on at all when someone is in my blind spot. That’s a major safety issue. Another major issue it’s the auto stop/start does not work. I personally am not a fan of auto stop/start in cars or trucks so I would have just turned it off. Well… doesn’t matter if the button is turned on or off because the engine runs when stopped no matter what.”

NOW FOR THE MAJOR ISSUE. A week ago I got back from a fishing trip about two hours away from where I live. Used the truck to tow my boat & everything seemed “for the most part” fine/normal. I unpacked, went to bed, & woke up the next morning to go to work. Well, THE TRUCK WAS DEAD AS CAN BE. No power whatsoever, & had to use my manual key to get in the truck to pop the hood. I hooked my battery charger up to the battery after disconnecting the negative post from the truck so the battery wouldn’t be charging while still linked to the truck’s overall system. It read at zero & slowly began charging. My girlfriend had to take me to work, & my hopes were by the time I got home it would be charged to where I could start the truck & get it to the dealership. Well upon arriving home the battery charger had cut off with still no “juice” to the truck. So I unplugged the charger, hooked it back up & kept my eye on the reading. It would get up to 27% charge, hold there then shut off. I repeated this process over & over with the exact same results, 27% then cut off.”

“By this point, I had already been reading forums & watching videos & found that it was most likely due to the software update issue. Well after doing more reading, I stumbled across someone saying to check the fuse box, they had fuses popped out of place. I found that interesting & I couldn’t believe what I saw… I opened my fuse box under the hood & out of the 50 or 60 some-odd fuses within that box, 11 “I repeat, 11!” of the fuses were popped out of place. I pushed them back into place and called Chevy Roadside to give me a jump, & luckily we were able to get it started. I drove it straight to the dealership & told them about all the problems & expressed my frustration & concerns. They jumped me to the front of their service list & I got a call the next day saying the truck was ready for pick up.”

“Chevy’s diagnosis was for the most part what I expected, there was an issue with the software uploading that completely drained my battery. Now what surprised me a bit was they told me I also had a bad/faulty battery from the manufacturing plant. They said this would explain the clicking, the blind spot not working, & etc… because the electrical systems never had the proper power going to them to support all the functions. So it’s been less than a week of having the truck back & it seems to be working better than ever but I am still extremely concerned that more problems are bound to happen. Fingers crossed they don’t, but so far this 2023 Chevy Colorado trail boss has been a technological NIGHTMARE. The powertrain seems great, & I really do like the truck (when it is working properly) but that’s the issue right there.. a new 2023 $46,000 truck SHOULD be working properly. If more problems arise I will let you know, but also if more problems arise Chevy better make this right for not only myself, but others who spent their hard-earned money on a faulty/unreliable vehicle.”

Here is my story.