August 2023 U.S. Truck Sales Are Looking Good For Ford F-Series and Toyota Tundra

Sales improvements are impressive.

2023 ford f-150 sales august toyota tundra improvement

The August 2023 U.S. sales numbers are in. Ford and Toyota report monthly sales numbers in the United States. All other pickup truck manufacturers are reporting on a quarterly basis.

Ford looks to maintain the truck brand sales leadership, and August numbers show healthy growth and total sales that are getting close to pre-Covid levels.

Toyota is also doing very well with the redesigned Tundra. The 2024 model year Tundra is already hitting dealerships with some small updates, new colors, and higher prices.

August 2023 U.S. Full-size Truck Sales

ModelAug 2023Aug 2022Change (%)YTD 2023YTD 2022
Ford F-Series63,28758,2838.6%514,716420,969
– (F-150 Lightning EV) NEW
Toyota Tundra11,2359,69215.9%81,42764,702
– GM (COMBINED)– (coming in Oct)
Chevy Silverado– (coming in Oct)
Ram– (coming in Oct)
GMC Sierra– (coming in Oct)
Nissan Titan– (coming in Oct)
Rivian R1T EV– (not available)
GMC Hummer EV– (coming in Oct)

Toyota and Ford figures come courtesy of Good Car Bad Car an automotive sales data and statistics site.

As soon as we get any more updates from any manufacturer, we will update this data table.