The Toyota Rangga Concept Pickup is a Potential Overseas Workhorse

Images: Toyota

Shortly after insiders suggested Southeast Asian countries would have a Hilux substitute, here’s the Toyota Rangga Concept.

What you’re looking at is a flexible platform work truck known as the Toyota Rangga concept, and it had the potential to replace the current Toyota Hilux in Indonesia, among other markets. The Toyota Rannga concept debuted at the 2023 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show. Toyota immediately setup a contest among locals to “customize” the Rangga, as they may take some of these ideas into consideration for production.

Those images are included below.

What is the Toyota Rangga Concept?

Based on the IMV-0 platform, the term stands for “Innovative International Multi-purpose Vehicle.” This modular platform aimed to reduce development costs outside of Japan. The IMV-0 platform was created to underpin SUVs, pickup trucks and small vans. This new platform underpins the Toyota Rangga, as a single chassis-cab pickup truck. Currently, markets like Indonesia are using chassis-cab versions of the Hilux, which is an ageing platform.

The truck appears to be shorter, and thinner than the current Tacoma, and Hilux. Toyota has not released official dimensions; however, you get a good idea of its scale just by looking at the doors. It’s small. The basis is that the truck can be used in multiple ways powered by multiple motivators.

What makes the Rangga concept compelling is not only its potential for multiple powertrains (diesels, gas, hybrids and electric), but it’s potential as a passenger vehicle as well. That is to say, Toyota is reaching out to consumers and industry as well. Toyota launched a contest in Indonesia to see how consumers would customize their own Rangga. The contest theme is “Public Service x Business x Lifestyle.”

There is no confirmation on the exact powertrains that will be available in the Rangga (which may change its name when production comes). Although insiders speculate that a diesel and gas engine will most likely come first. Rear and four-wheel drive will be optional, and there’s speculation that a manual transmission may be offered in the base model. Later on, hybrid and electric options may be on the table.

This truck is not meant for the U.S. market.

Like many small pickups overseas, the Toyota Rangga concept isn’t meant to adhere to U.S. Department of Transportation requirements. This platform was never intended for our market. That’s especially true given the expense of building the new Tacoma in North America. In addition, there’s little chance that this platform will underpin the rumored Toyota Stout pickup.

Still, it would be cool to get back to basics. From what was shown, the Rangga is simple, even primitive compared to regular Toyota trucks. It’s built to be economical, both in form and function.

There is one thing that Americans might want to think about. This new nose, similar to the one used on the upcoming Toyota Land Cruiser, seems to indicate a new styling direction. That is to say: IF there is a tiny pickup coming here, like the rumored Stout, perhaps a similar design will adorn it as well?

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