Nissan Confirms Titan Pickup Production Will End in Summer 2024

If you want a new Titan, this upcoming year will be your last chance

It’s been a solid 20-year run, but the Nissan Titan is indeed almost done.

For all the talk of new and revamped trucks hitting the scene, today brought some disquieting news: 2024 will be the last model year for the long-running Nissan Titan. We’ve been wondering exactly how much longer the automaker’s half-ton offering would carry on in the wake of newer competition and flagging sales, and on Friday we actually got our answer.

Here’s the company’s statement (shared with TFLtruck by a source and confirmed by Nissan):

“Production of the Nissan Titan is scheduled to end summer 2024 at our Canton plant in Mississippi. Under Nissan’s Ambition 2030 vision of an electrified future, we are accelerating the process of transforming the Canton plant with the latest in EV manufacturing technology. This will support production of two all-new, all-electric vehicles. There will be no workforce reductions due to this action.

Titan has been an important nameplate for Nissan in North America for 20 years, and we’re grateful to the dealers, customers, and thousands of employees who have played pivotal roles throughout Titan’s lifecycle.”

2024 Nissan Titan

The automaker announced last year it would invest $500 million into the Canton plant to build new Nissan and Infiniti-branded EV models starting in 2025.

For the time being, it seems there is no direct Titan replacement in the pipeline. As is standard procedure with virtually every automaker, Nissan will not directly comment on future product. Today’s news is certainly disappointing for some, though not terribly surprising, as the company sold just 10,550 Titans so far in 2023. Compare that to the Ford F-Series 382,983 sales, and it’s clearer why Nissan decided to pivot Canton production toward EVs moving forward.

Will you miss the Titan? Let us know your thoughts below.