News: 2024 Ford F-150 Debuts Next Month to Coincide with the Detroit Auto Show, Gets Hot Weather Tested

The updated trucks undergo hot weather testing in the Arizona desert.

2024 ford f-150 hot weather testing arizona detroit auto show debut
images: Ford at Arizona Proving Grounds

The updated and refreshed 2024 Ford F-150 pickup truck lineup plans its official world debut in September 2023 to coincide with the 2023 Detroit Auto Show. Ford also shares some details about how they test the updated trucks before they go on sale. It’s all about record-breaking temperatures and the Arizona Proving Grounds (APG).

Yes, many of us have already seen these 2024 F-150 prototype trucks in public with or without camouflage. All manufacturers test prototype versions of their new vehicles before they make their debut, but very few test in public with all camouflage removed. Why risk the new truck design being seen in public before its official debut? It usually has to do with real-world powertrain validation. Any amount of camouflage may negatively affect the cooling capacity of a prototype by covering part of a grille opening. Camouflage may also change some aerodynamic qualities of the vehicle and introduce wind noise. All these factors must be weighed against the deadlines and the on-sale date.

Here is what Ford says about their hot weather test procedures (most of these have to do with validating the new truck against the SAE J2807 standard requirements).

This special “dyno” trailer is used for testing. This type of trailer can be programmed to vary the amount of load it adds to the tow vehicle. It changes load by either using friction brakes, electric motor resistance, or a combination. This trailer can be programmed to mimic (simulate) the David Dam grade, or the Ike GauntletTM – the world’s toughest towing test.

During the first phase, the vehicle which is loaded to full Gross Combined Weight Rating [GCWR], has a large trailer in tow, and runs at 75 kph (or 46.6 mph) for 20 kilometers (or 12.4 miles) to get the vehicle warmed up.

During the second phase is when we simulate the climb up the Davis Dam’s ~6% grade at an ambient temperature of about 100 F (38 C).  This phase is brutal on the vehicle’s cooling system and confirms that the engine coolant, engine oil, and transmission fluid all stay below their required temperature limits.

And finally, after “reaching the top” of Davis Dam, the vehicle is stopped and idled in both Drive & Park for 20 minutes as the cooling fans dissipate all the thermal energy collected in the engine compartment and under the vehicle.

Please stay tuned to for more official information about the upcoming 2024 Ford F-150.