Report: Full-size U.S. Pickup Truck Sales Are Surging Up in April 2023!

Ford F-series and Toyota Tundra trucks are selling fast...

2023 april ford f-150 toyota tundra sales report

April 2023 is a bright spot for pickup truck sales in the United States. Ford F-Series and Toyota Tundra see huge sales increases when compared to April of last year. The sales success does not extend to electric trucks. Ford sold just 1,335 F-150 Lightning pickup trucks in the U.S. last month.

Ford reports that the sales of the all-new 2023 Ford Super Duty trucks started in April 2023. Supply of these trucks is still very low, as most new trucks that reach dealerships are sold very quickly. The average dealership turnover period for a new Super Duty is 9 days.

It’s good to see that Toyota Tundra sales are also pickup up in a big way. If Tundra sales continue this way, it may be one of the best sales years for the big Toyota truck.

Ford and Toyota report monthly sales numbers in the United States. All other manufacturers are reporting on a quarterly basis.

April 2023 U.S. Full-size Truck Sales

ModelApril 2023April 2022Change (%)YTD 2023YTD 2022
Ford F-Series69,59551,51735.1%239,972192,218
– (F-150 Lightning EV) 1,335 43NEW 3,600 106
Toyota Tundra11,7487,80450.5%39,39930,447
– GM (COMBINED)– (coming in July)
Chevy Silverado– (coming in July)
Ram– (coming in July)
GMC Sierra– (coming in July)
Nissan Titan– (coming in July)
Rivian R1T EV– (not available)
GMC Hummer EV– (coming in July)

Ford & Toyota figures come courtesy of Good Car Bad Car an automotive sales data and statistics site. Ford F-150 Lightning figures come from Inside EVs.

If you’re interested in how midsize trucks are doing, please stay tuned for more.