Q1 2023 Sales Report: Full-Size Truck Sales Rebound Nicely!

Ford and GM grow more than others in Q1 2023.

2021 q2 q1 truck sales report results united states

Full-size pickup truck U.S. sales rebound nicely in Q1 of 2023. If you have seen recent reports that pickup trucks are losing sales in the United States, don’t believe it. Most of the major pickup truck makers see their sales rebound to healthy levels. They are not pre-Covid sales numbers, but there is significant year-over-year growth.

Q1 of 2023 was not without challenges. Supply shortages are still there and some trucks such as the Ram HD and the Ford F-150 Lightning had stop sale orders due to some recalls or problem mitigation.

U.S. Full-size Truck Sales: Q1 2023

ModelQ1 2023Q1 2022Change (%)
– GM (COMBINED)*191,194*175,512*+8.9%
Ford F-Series170,377140,701+21.1%
Chevy Silverado123,994118,796+4.4%
Ram Trucks105,350127,116-17.1%
GMC Sierra67,19856,617+18.7%
Toyota Tundra27,65122,643+22.1%
– F-150 Lightning EV4,291**254+1,589.4%
Rivian R1T EV?***?n/a
Nissan Titan4,0386,415-37.1%
GMC Hummer EV299-98.0%

*Combined Chevy Silverado, GMC Hummer, and GMC Sierra pickup truck sales.

**F-150 Lightning sales are included in the total shown Ford F-series numbers.

***Rivian R1T sales numbers are according to GoodCarBadCar.net.

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