Holy Cow: The 2023 Chevy Colorado Is ACTUALLY An Affordable Work Truck

By today's standards, at least...

2023 Chevrolet Colorado WT walkaround - featured
(Image: TFL Studios)

The 2023 Chevy Colorado lineup starts at $30,695.

“You’re calling a $30,000 starting point for a midsize truck affordable!?”, I hear some of you scream at your screen at you click into our latest TFLtruck video. Even being a (relatively) young whippersnapper on the team, I too remember the time when you could get something like a Chevy Colorado for roughly half of today’s asking price. And well before that, you could get a basic small truck for around $10,000. Here we are in 2023, though, and $30,000 does actually represent a good deal in the midsize world, and this 2023 Colorado brings fresh design and a new powertrain to the table. Chevrolet brought Andre out to sunny southern California to test this new offering, and we wanted to take a look at the most affordable option in the lineup.

A couple side notes worth mentioning: Full driving impressions for the 2023 Chevy Colorado are coming up on Friday, so stay tuned until February 17 for more updates on that front. This particular WT model is also a 4×4 version, so you can get a less expensive version by opting for a rear-wheel drive truck instead. If you want to order the absolute cheapest version, you’ll need to set aside just under $31,000.

(Image: Chevrolet)

So, what do you get for the cash?

The 2023 Chevy Colorado lineup drops its old powertrains ranging from a 2.5-liter four-pot to the 3.6-liter V6 and 2.8-liter Duramax turbodiesel. In their place, we get a single engine…sort of. The third-generation Colorado packs a 2.7-liter turbocharged four-cylinder gas engine, although you can get it in multiple states of tune.

The base 2.7-liter puts out 237 horsepower and 259 lb-ft of torque, while you can spec the WT with a more potent 310-horsepower/390 lb-ft mill. One more configuration available for the ZR2 cranks the torque output to 430 lb-ft, though you’re staring down a nearly $50,000 price tag at that point.

Even at the more affordable end of the spectrum, though, you’ll still get a crew cab, as that’s the standard configuration across the entire range. not only that, but you also get an 8-speed automatic transmission, push-button start, a fully-digital gauge cluster and an 11.3-inch infotainment screen. You also get lane keep assist as part of the “Chevy Safety Assist” suite, as well as a 4-Auto mode on four-wheel drive models.

Check out more details on the revamped 2023 Chevy Colorado WT in the video below: