Ford Issues Stop-Build on F-150 Lightning Due to Battery Problem: Report

There's currently no restart date, nor is there much detail on exactly what the problem is

Ford F-150 Lightning
(Images: Ford)
  • Ford F-150 Lightning production is currently idle while the Rouge plant’s engineers investigate a battery problem, according to recent reports.
  • A Ford spokesperson said the vehicle has been out of production for a week, and that it is currently in a “stop-build” and “stop-ship” state.
    • The issue does not impact Lightnings that are already on dealer lots — those trucks are still available for sale.
  • Ford did not elaborate on the nature of the battery issue, nor did it say when production will restart, at time of writing.

Ford has stressed quality control as a top priority in recent months to the point where it has temporarily stopped F-150 Lightning production.

According to a Detroit Free Press report, Ford stopped manufacturing the high-profile, high-demand F-150 Lightning last week. Engineers at the automaker’s Rouge plant in Dearborn are currently working to root out the cause of a battery problem. While the truck is officially in a “stop-build” and “stop-ship” state, according to company spokesperson Emma Bergg, the issue does not affect vehicles that are currently on dealer lots.

“As part of our pre-delivery quality inspections, the vehicle displayed a potential battery issue and we’re holding vehicles while we investigate,” she told the outlet. Bergg continued by saying engineers are conducting a “root cause analysis”, though she did not specify exactly what they are investigating. At time of writing, Ford also could not specify a time when the held trucks will be released or the plant will restart production.

At this time, it’s also unknown how many Ford F-150 Lightning trucks are affected.

Ford F-150 Lightning - charging
We documented range and charging experiences as part of our “Northern Lightning” series on TFLtruck.

We will publish an update when there’s more information available. This news comes the day after executive chairman Bill Ford and CEO Jim Farley announced a new $3.5 billion plant in Marshall, Michigan. That plant will produce lithium iron phosphate batteries for the F-150 Lightning next year.

Motor1 and Motor Authority were among the first to report the Rouge plant’s status on Tuesday.