Video: I Drive a Ford F-700 Rat Rod Truck That Wanted To Kill Me!

Images: TFLtruck

Andre was taken out of his comfort zone when he was tasked to drive a Ford F-700 Rat Rod Truck – WAY out of his comfort zone!

Imagine an old Ford Model A mixed with a highly modified Ford F-700 undercarriage. Now, add a touch of Max Max in with a hint of family convenience and you have this Ford F-700 Rat Rod Tow Truck – from hell. Jeremiah, the truck’s owner and builder – was nice enough to not only show us the truck, but also let Andre drive it.

Jeremiah always wanted a Ford Model A but was always discouraged. He also was sick of all the Rat Rod folks who slam their creations – especially because they can’t hold many passengers. As such, he created this. The Model A body fit perfectly in the place where the Ford F-700 cabin was. Chopping and bobbing the platform, the former owner yanked off the 20-foot bed. There was just enough room for a towing rig behind the Ford Model A cab. Even the engine, a 429 Lima big block is all Ford.

The Ford F-700 Rat Rod build took only three months, but…

Jeremiah has been collecting bits and pieces for years. The F-700 he’s owned for over four years, so one could say – it was a long build-up to its creation. He points out that the build was not without its hardships, including having to work outdoors in Rocky Mountain winters. Fortunately, his vision came together in a surprisingly thoughtful package.

Among many features you’ll see in this video, check out how Jeremiah rigged shocks around the base of the cabin. Without suspending it, the ride would be brutal. Now, he’s able to take his little ones to car shows in relative comfort.

… as long as they don’t mind wearing ear protection.

Check out this video and watch Andre channel his inner Mad Max!

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