The New Tesla Cybertruck Exoskeleton Is Leaked From the Factory – What Is That Rear Structure!?

The controversial wedge shape is still there.

2024 tesla cybertruck exoskeleton body shell

Take a look at this! We have a leaked image that appears to show the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck chassis and body shell, aka. the exoskeleton. It appears that the production Cybertruck will retain the controversial wedge front-end that was originally shown on the concept truck in 2019. What is that struck in the back!?

Thanks to the forum for the use of this image.

This next iteration of the Tesla pickup truck shows no midgate (ala Chevy Silverado EV) and no apparent space for side storage boxes (ala RamBox in-bedside storage). It shows very strange rear stampings that pretrude high over the rear wheel-well sections. Are these simply there for the purposes of the manufacturing process at the factory or are they part of the final production truck?

The new Tesla Cybertruck is expected to enter production later in 2023 with first deliveries around December 2023. We will have to wait much longer for more concrete information from Tesla.

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