Video: You Won’t Believe How Much the New GMC Hummer EV Weighs When Compared to a Ford Lightning & a Ram HD Cummins!

The Ford Lightning Pro is surprisingly light.

gmc hummer ev truck ford lightning ram hd cummins diesel

We all know that heavy-duty diesel pickup trucks weigh a lot due to their construction for heavy hauling and towing. How do the new GMC Hummer EV truck and Ford F-150 Lightning Pro compare? Let’s put them on a certified scale and find out.

The baseline is a new 2022 Ram HD 2500 Cummins turbo-diesel. It’s a basic Tradesman crew cab 4×4 with just a few options. This truck belongs to TFL’s Alex Lightning, so it has a bunch of tools and motorcycle gear. We put it on the scales first.

ram hd 2500 crew 4x4 diesel weight slip ticket
Ram 2500 HD Cummins Diesel

This relatively simple Ram HD turbo-diesel truck weighs close to 8,000 lbs. According to its payload sticker in the door jam, it should weigh closer to 7,700 lbs, but Alex does have some equipment in it as we mentioned. This is a typical weight for an HD diesel-powered pickup truck. A dually 1-ton crew cab 4×4 pickup truck will weigh between 8,400-8,800 lbs, depending on options.

Next up is the base Ford F-150 Lightning Pro. It has a “small” 98 kWh battery, but it likely does weigh a lot.

2022 Ford F-150 Lightning Pro

The base Lightning Pro is equipped with two electric motors for AWD capability. It’s a crew cab truck with a 5.5-foot bed. It weighs a surprisingly low 6,120 lbs! Why is it surprising? Our F-150 Lightning Lariat that we took all the way to the Arctic ocean weighed between 6,800 – 7,800 lbs when we had it loaded with a Four Wheel Camper shell and supplies. For reference, a Ford F-150 3.5L twin-turbo V6 crew cab 4×4 weighs around 5,500 lbs.

Now, it’s time to put the big GMC Hummer EV truck on the scales. Many reports put its weight at “over 9,000 lbs”. Let’s see how it goes. It has one of the largest battery packs in any production consumer vehicle to date. It’s estimated at around 212 kWh.

GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 truck with a spare tire kit

The Hummer EV truck punishes the scales at 9,440 lbs of curb weight. This includes the spare tire mount in the bed. The Hummer EV is equipped with three electric motors that combine for 1,000 horsepower. It has a height-adjustable suspension and four-wheel steering.

At this time, the GMC Hummer EV Edition 1 truck is the most powerful and heaviest consumer pickup truck available on sale now.