Video: I Can’t Believe Someone Scrapped This RARE Truck! | Gems in the Junkyard Ep. 3

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Gems in the Junkyard Ep. 3 - featured
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Brendan and Tommy tour a wrecking yard in search of the unusual, including a super rare truck!

As Tommy and Brendan begin their sojourn is a wrecking yard, they come across a few interesting vehicles, including a rare truck. The vehicle in question is an ’84 Jeep pickup (SJ-platform), which replaced the original Gladiator. This one is a rare J20, which means it’s a heavy duty version with eight-lug axles. It’s a rare find, and Tommy’s all over it.

There’s also a 2001 Kia Sportage, which is body-on-frame, so some might call it a “truck”. Brendan comments on how the little SUV came with an optional manual transmission, as an optional two-door convertible, and all U.S. versions had a proper low range transfer case.

Next, there’s a blue 1977 Chevrolet K20 sitting on its lonesome. Tommy explains that there were two versions of Chevrolet pickup truck back in the day. The C20s were all rear drive, while the K20s were four-wheel drive. Tommy shows us the Scottsdale badge, which meant this was a higher trim version as well.

Brendan comes across a first generation (2012) Chevrolet Colorado and points out that one of the optional engines available was a five-cylinder. There were other options as well, but the five-cylinder was rather unique back then. Chevrolet ditched the five-cylinder when the second-generation Colorado was produced.

Even more Jeeps!

Later on, Tommy finds a rare, fake-wood-cladded Jeep Cherokee XJ Briarwood, which were one of the top trim units. Right next to it sits a 1994 two-door XJ with a manual transmission, and 4.0-liter I6. Very desirable by off-road enthusiasts.

A 1999 GMT-400 GMC Yukon was located by Brendan, and he takes us throughout the vehicle feeding us a bit of information along the way. It’s a Denali, with barn-doors – something you no longer see on Suburban-based SUVs. Tommy discovers a Mercedes-Benz ML, which is a proper body on frame SUV. This one has the 3.2 liter V6, and Tommy takes us through what made this vehicle unique.

Brendan discovers a first-generation Toyota RAV4. He talks about some of the unusual facts of the first-gen RAV4, including the interior, all-wheel drive, two-door option and the model with a removeable rear top. Then he points out a second-generation Isuzu Trooper, and he points out a variety of worldwide names, including the Acura SLX, and Holder Jackaroo. He finds the 75/25 swing doors curious. It turns out that they were created to ease the stress of weight on the hinges as the larger side supports the heavy spare tire.

Later on, Brendan finds a Volvo XC90 2.5 I-6, mentions the Yamaha built V-8, and talks about its outstanding interior.

Tommy wraps up with the Volkswagen Touareg. He talks about its uniqueness, and about powertrains, including the V-6, and VR6. There’s a lot to see in this video, and it’s mighty interesting to see what treasures this wrecking yard is hiding.

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