Video: Mild to Wild – Top 5 Cool & Over-the-Top Trucks From the Overland Expo Counted Down!

From a midsize pickup truck to a giant 6x6.

2022 overland mild to wild truck 4x4 top 5 countdown

Here are the top five cool 4×4 trucks from the 2022 Overland Expo that show what’s possible on almost any budget.

Chevy Colorado ZR2 Diesel

At number five is a Chevy Colorado ZR2 with a 2.8L turbo-diesel engine and a mild suspension lift. This Colorado is riding on King shocks and slightly larger tires. In the back is a truck topper with a built-in tent. It shows what’s possible in the $10K-$15K price range. In the end, this is a very off-road capable pickup truck with lots of torque, front and rear locking differential, and a simple camping solution in the bed.

Ram 1500 Flatbed

At number four is a Ram 1500 Longhorn V8 with a suspension lift and a Bowen Customs flatbed and canopy system in the back. This Hemi-powered truck started out with a shorter 5.5-foot bed. The team at Bowen Customs replaced with stock bed with their own all-aluminum 6.5-foot flatbed. This solution extends the capability of the truck without adding any weight. A custom aluminum Bowen canopy goes on top of it and houses a tent on top. This type of build is in the $30K-$35K range.

Toyota Tundra Slide-in Camper

At number three is a previous generation Toyota Tundra V8 with a flatbed and a slide-in camper on top. This is a build that is more focused on camping and overlanding, rather than a multi-purpose build. This truck has an aftermarket OldManEmu suspension, all-terrain tires, a custom bumper. This is a build in the $45K-$60K range.

Ford F-550 Pickup Truck

At number two is a new Ford F-550 built by Elevation Off-Grid. These trucks ride on LiquidSpring suspension, giant tires, flatbeds or a custom pickup truck bed, a truck topper rack, and two tents on top. You have to see these F-550 trucks for yourself. This is a build that crosses into the $100K+ territory.

Stewart/Stevenson 6×6 Expedition Motorhome

At number one is this military 1995 6×6 beast of a truck with a customized home on the back that included a balcony, a fireplace, a full kitchen, a bedroom, and a dance floor. This is a build that crosses into the $1M+ territory.