Here’s How Our 2022 All Electric Ford F-150 Lightning Has Held Up Over 10,000 Miles of Hard Use!

It's time to catch up on the good (and some bad) over the Lightning's first couple months in the fleet

ford f-150 lightning hybrid
(Images: TFL Studios)

Roman and Tommy go into what went right (and wrong) with the Ford F-150 Lightning over this truck’s first 10,000 miles.

From its initial cross-country shakedown to running the Ike Gauntlet and off-road testing, the team has already put the Ford F-150 Lightning through its paces. That was just the first round of tests, though, as the true challenge came with our ‘Northern Lightning’ series: a grueling 7,000-mile trial meant to test the actual feasibility of driving an electric truck into the remote wilderness. And by remote, we actually mean remote here — heading to Deadhorse, Alaska by way of the famously charger-less Dalton Highway.

Check out this playlist to catch up on the series.

Ford F-150 Lightning - charging

Now, though, the Lightning is back in Colorado, and Roman and Tommy are taking the opportunity to give a 10,000-mile update. What’s gone totally right, and what on this truck has been a complete pain in the…well, pick your body part. For the Alaska trip, the guys swapped out the stock tires for a set of BFGoodrich Trail Terrain T/A tires and tested how they perform in real-world range testing. We found you’ll lose about 10% of your range from the stock tires, so keep that in mind if you want to use the truck in more of an off-road application.

The team also added on an in-bed camper for the long journey and made some small aerodynamic tweaks (by way of Colorado Fairing Company) to try and strike a good balance between usefulness and range. We also brought along a host of chargers to make the most of what infrastructure we could tap into, so check out the video below to see more on that.

More to come!

There’s much more coming down the pipeline with our new F-150 Lightning, so stay tuned for more! We’re also running a live Q&A today (August 8, 2022), if you’d like to have your questions answered. If you’re watching after the stream, you can also check that out to see what sort of questions we were able to answer for you.