Video: The All-New 2023 VW Amarok Pickup Is Rolling on 21s, But It’s Not Coming to the U.S.

Check out the interior!

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The all-new 2023 VW Amarok is finally here! We have official information, specs, and images of the new pickup truck from its global debut. While the debut may be global, the new Amarok is not coming to the United States. It is a very cool truck and a capable new pickup. Here is everything there is to know about it.

VW Amarok

The all-new Amarok is a bit larger than it was before. It is co-developed with Ford, so it shares many components and its underpinning with the next 2023+ Ford Ranger. The new Amarok’s wheelbase grows by around seven inches over the outgoing generation of the truck. It enables Volkswagen to create at least two versions of the truck. The four-door crew cab with a 5-foot bed is pictured here, but VW will also offer a two-door cab with a 7.5-foot bed in some markets.

While the new Amarok is longer than the current truck, the new model is actually about 1.7 inches narrower. Volkswagen will offer a selection of gasoline and diesel engines in various regions of the world. This includes four-cylinder and V6 engine options. There is currently no information about a hybrid or an electrified version of the Amarok.

The new Amarok will offer AWD and 4×4 options, an optional locking rear differential, hill descent control, and several trim levels (including an off-road-focused model). The premium version of the Amarok will indeed roll on 21-inch wheels and low-profile tires. Does it mean that a premium version of the new 2023 Ford Ranger will also offer 21s? We don’t know this for sure yet.

The new Amarok has a premium interior with a large vertical-orientation screen that you can also find in the next-gen Ranger. Overall, the layout of the controls and gauges is traditional and appears very familiar – which is a great thing.

The all-new Amarok will go on sale in several months (early 2023 in Australia). It will be built in South Africa, and this may be the biggest reason why it’s not coming to the United States. Pickup trucks and utility vehicles that are built outside of the United States are subject to a heavy “chicken tax” / import tax.

Here is our 2023 VW Amarok world debut video and first impressions.