Video: Ford Says To Never Put a Camper On The EV F-150 Lightning… So That’s Exactly What We Do – Ep.2

First-ever electric overland pickup truck is born!

2022 ford f-150 lightning four wheel camper project m shell

We launch into our #NorthernLightning Alaska adventure in Woodland, California (near Sacramento) by transforming our F-150 Lightning EV pickup truck into a camper with a Project M topper by Four Wheel Campers.

We have a grueling trip ahead of us to the top of the world at Prudhoe Bay, Alaska – at the Arctic ocean. Our goal is to be the first to drive an all-electric pickup truck to this remote location and do it by using whatever electric infrastructure is available. This is only possible with the help of several of our friends.

FLO Charger is critical to making our journey a success, and we will be using Flo Chargers in Canada and Alaska. The Four Wheel Camper pop-up truck topper will allow us to camp along the way – making our Lightning truck one of the first all-electric overland vehicles. BFGoodrich provides us with all-terrain tires that will be crucial on the rough unpaved Dalton highway.

In this episode of #NorthernLightning – we install the Project M camper on the truck. This is a shell that bolts to the top of the bed rails – NOT inside the bed. Ford says that the Lightning truck is not meant to carry slide-in campers. Project M is not a slide-in. However, Project M still offers a large expandable bed on top of the cab. The rest of the bed is free for us to use as we please.

Our friend, David, built a wood platform, a dinnette, and a flat sleeping surface inside the bed of the Lightning, and this is the first time that the whole system comes together for the first time.

Join the video below for all the details.