Ask TFL: Will the Affordable Ford F-150 Lightning Pro Ever Come Back to Canada?

High demand and supply-chain shortages kill new Pro orders.

2022 ford f-150 lightning pro canada shortage

We recently got this ‘Ask TFL’ question from Michel Roy:

Michel writes: “I would like you to ask Ford why they do not sell the lightning pro in Canada. Here in Quebec, the government incentive include vehicles that cost up to $60,000 (Canadian). The most affordable Lightning XLT begins at $68,000 (Canadian). We are full of hydro power plants. I really don’t understand their decision. I’m sure that a lot of people would be willing to buy a $60,000.00 truck with a $7,000.00 Quebec incentive + $5,000.00 federal incentive.

The Canadian website currently states not all trim or features of the F-150 Lightning are currently available. See the following screenshots. Indeed the current Canadian online configurator omits the Lightning Pro and starts with a Lightning XLT at $68,000.

For comparison, Ford’s USA website has the same “global supply-chain constraints” notice on its configurator, but the Lightning Pro is still an offered choice in the USA configurator.

When will the affordable Ford F-150 Lightning Pro be available again for order in Canada? We do not have an answer at this point. We will update this story as soon as we know more.

While high demand for the Lightning pickup truck will push new orders months into the future, some dealerships may still have some more basic models in stock. If a dealership does not mark it up, then a deal can be had. However, high demand will likely push all prices higher.