Video: The All-New GMC Hummer EV Is Better Than I Expected!

Here is what's good and bad about the new Hummer EV truck.

2022 gmc hummer ev first drive review

I spend two days with the new GMC Hummer EV truck and it’s better than I expected. Three things immediately jump out.


First, this heavy beast is quick! It accelerates like very few vehicles can ever match. I drove an Edition 1 truck with two spare tires in the back and a roof-top accessory. This truck’s weight approaches 9,500 lbs with all of the accessories and me in it. It still clocked in a 3.68 second 0-60 MPH during my first impromptu test. This is in the WTF (Watts To Freedom) mode that’s enabled with a double-tap of the Traction Control button. I have no doubt that a 3.0-second 0-60 MPH acceleration is possible without all the extra weight and when on a grippy surface.


This truck’s four-wheel steering makes it a pleasure to drive on and off the pavement. It makes tight turning maneuvers a breeze. The Hummer EV truck is very tall and wide, but the steering system makes it shrink around you. Well done! I tried the Crab Mode as well. I find it a great feature to show off to friends, but I did not like using it while off-road. Just leave the four-wheel steering enabled and enjoy your drive.


The Hummer’s actively-adjustable air suspension is very nice and comfortable. It makes the truck glide on the freeway, and it levels out the washboard and rough off-road terrain as well.

Did I mention that the hard-top panels are easily removable, the rear glass rolls down, and it becomes a topless cruiser as well?

What’s not so good?

This Hummer does not like to be driven fast on a twisty mountain road. It can do it, but its overall mass quickly becomes evident. It’s a great cruiser, but not a mountain road carver.

It costs a lot! The Edition 1 MSRP is north of $112,000. Although more affordable versions of the GMC Hummer EV truck are coming next year and the year after, those prices are not expected to be below $80,000.