Tailgate Wars: New Ford Tailgate Design Is Shown in a Patent Application

The tailgate wars are heating up again.

2022 ford f-150 2023 tailgate design

A new Ford tailgate design surfaces in a Patent application. Will Ford bring this design to production? We don’t have an official word on this yet. Here is how this new tailgate design works.

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This tailgate is able to open and close in a traditional way. A removable midsection of the tailgate can swing open to the side to offer closer access to the bed of the truck. This is a similar idea to what the Honda Ridgeline and Ram 1500 currently offer, but it’s done in its own unique way. The Ridgeline’s entire tailgate can swing open to the side. The Ram 1500 has a 60/40 split barn-style tailgate opening.

The design allows for the middle swing-away section to be removed altogether. If you need a step, there is a traditional Ford tailgate step or a new design – a swingout step that is built into the rear bumper.

Let us know what you think in the comments section – should Ford bring this design to market as soon as possible, or is a more simple tailgate just fine the way it is?