Gaussin H2 Is a Hydrogen Electric Racing Semi-Truck That Wants to Tackle the Dakar 2022 Rally

2022 dakar rally gaussin h2 hydrogen electric semi truck race
images by: Gaussin

A French company Gaussin announces their intent to race in the 2022 Dakar Rally with their new Gaussin H2 hydrogen-electric semi-truck. This truck would compete against the racing semi-truck teams from Kamaz, Iveco, MAN, Tatra, and many others. The Dakar Rally is a grueling 2-week endurance race. It will be very interesting to see how the new Gaussin H2 performs in terms of speed, off-road capability, driving range, and reliability.

The Gaussin company is planning an entire range of hydrogen-electric semi-trucks. While the driving range of a production truck may be closer to 500 miles (by some reports). The driving range of a fully-equipped racing truck will be more like 150 miles.

It’s currently not clear when Gaussin plans to produce and sell production trucks, or if some of these models will eventually reach the U.S. market. We will continue to monitor this space and provide updates. In the meantime, we will be closely watching the 2022 Dakar race to see what happens.

It would be great to see a competitive hydrogen/electric semi-truck from Nikola enter such an endurance race as well.

Here is a Gaussin H2 promotional video.

Here is a TFLtruck heavy truck / heavy trailer Ike Gauntlet™ video comparison.