This 770 HP Ford F-150 Alpha V8 Has Raptor Suspension and May Just Be the Ram TRX Slayer: Video

In this episode of TFL Talking Trucks, Andre interviews Ben Norrel from PaxPower.

The future of truck customizing may not involve a lot of power adders as OEMs are tightening computer controls, but the off-road suspension, body components, lights, and more will be epic! – Andre

Andre recently got a taste of the PaxPower supercharged V8 Ford F-150 with Raptor suspension. It’s called the F-150 “Alpha.” Basically, it’s a “Super Raptor,” and he was smitten. Pax Power has been around for about three years, and they specialize in up-fitting pickup trucks.

Ben is not only an expert builder, he also has good insight into the automotive industry, and he and Andre talk about upcoming restrictions and new opportunities.

v8 ford raptor f150 supercharged coyote
V8 Ford Raptor (by PAXPower)

Big Changes:

Over the next few years, OEMs will be aiming to make their vehicles California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliant. On top of that, they aim to introduce several hybrids, PHEV, or EV pickup trucks in the near future. This means, among other things, tightening up their software and hardware to keep their trucks fuel efficient. Every truck-builder is aiming for a smaller carbon footprint.

Flash-tuning, altering intake, and exhaust systems will become more difficult to achieve as time goes on. As such, tuner/builders like PaxPower are seeing some of the future as bleak. Fortunately, there is a silver lining.

The future of truck suspension and lighting:

Fortunately, one thing that has yet to be threatened is suspension setups. OEMs are starting to bring seriously built suspension setups to their trucks. Just have a gander at the new Ford Raptor, Chevrolet Silverado ZR2, and Ram TRX to see these advancements in action.

Aftermarket suspension builders are hard at working on their own setups as well.

The same can be said about body components and lightning. Remember when LEDs were a thing of the future? Now you can get a set of off-road LEDs for less than the price of a family dinner. Amazing.

In this video, Andre and Ben go over the industry and how it’s about to evolve.

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