Video: Buhanka vs Jeep: I Test American Ingenuity Versus Russian Dirty But Sturdy Off-Road Tech!

Buhanka vs. Jeep
Images: TFLtruck

The Buhanka vs a Jeep YJ: old-school grudge-match – or two rolling piles of junk? You decide.

We are lucky enough to make bizarre videos, like a Buhanka vs Jeep production, in the Rocky Mountains. Even with goofballs like Andre and Mr. Truck in front of the camera – we are mighty happy to participate. This is mainly due to the unusual mix-match of these two vehicles.

I just wanted to include this shot.

Mr. Truck’s Jeep Wrangler is a combination of several Jeeps (and other vehicles) which makes it impossible to categorize. It is extremely capable, has lots of off-road mods and… it has flames. Yes, it was a 1987 Jeep Wrangler, but a majority of the mechanical components (including the engine – out of a ’97 Cherokee) are outsourced. This Jeep has Spartan rear locker, spicer front locke and 4.10’s front and rear. According to Mr. Truck, it has an Aisin fIve speed manual transmission too.

Buhanka vs Jeep: both are remarkably dangerous.

The Buhanka is a 4×4 communist-era vehicle known for its ruggedness, and the fact that it looks like a loaf of bread. That’s what Buhanka actually means in Russian. Yes, there is a proper transfer case. It has a gas four-cylinder engine, manual transmission and open differentials. It also has enough room for Andre to sleep off a bender after the vodka covers for the damage inflected upon the van. You can read about the Buhanka’s details (here).

Taking aside the classic acting prowess of Andre and Mr. Truck – the action and adventure is real.

Of course, we have to get Andre’s determined face too.

Throughout the video, we get to see two extremely different takes on off-road capability. Andre and Mr. Truck go to our “truth or dare” off-road obstacles. It’s not easy, especial for the underpowered, tall and tippy Buhanka. Neither of these drivers are well versed with their vehicles. In fact, it’s the first time both of them have faced such an obstacle. Andre has not taken his Russian van off-road since he brought it here months ago. Mr. Truck hasn’t been to Truth or Dare – ever.

Despite all of these issues, the video is a fun and almost informative view. Enjoy Buhanka vs Jeep!

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