Will It Ever Come? The Tesla Cybertruck Is Delayed Until Late 2022

Most reservation holders still heard nothing.

2023 tesla cybertruck delay

The most recent report says that the Tesla Cybertruck will not start production until late 2022. The truck was supposed to start production later this year and make its first deliveries before the very end of 2021. Now, this timeline has been pushed out by at least one year.

Factors such as the Texas factory build-out and the chip shortage are part of the equation. When the Cybertruck was first officially unveiled in November of 2019 – its 2021 production launch timeline always seemed way too aggressive. Many industry insiders predicted a delay in this schedule. As the end of 2021 gets closer, the company says the trucks will start production in 2022. It’s difficult to say whether this delayed introduction is realistic. Will the Cybertruck ever come?

Many Tesla Cybertruck $100 reservation holders are reporting that they have heard “Nothing” from Tesla about finalizing their orders. Tesla’s website currently says – production will start in 2022. See the screenshot below.

tesla cybertruck delay

Roman got to ride in the Cybertruck concept when it made its debut. Take a look at that video below.