Report: Some New 2022 Nissan Frontier Trucks Are Being Delivered Without a Tow Hitch

There is a hitch shortage for the new truck.

2022 nissan frontier hitch shortage

TFLtruck has a report that states that the new 2022 Nissan Frontier trucks are shipping to some dealers with no tow hitch installed, even though a tow hitch was specified.

Here is a report from a Nissan Frontier customer.

I was noticing that when you go online and try to build one of the new 2022 frontiers even if you select every package. That includes the pro convenience package which is supposed to come with a hitch. You’re not gonna get it in a lot of cases right now. I was told by a regional person with Nissan in my area today that they’re having a lot of supplier issues, so a lot of them are going to be shipped with a $495 credit on the invoice going to call it a tow package delete. Because they’re having supplier issues at this point until October 2021.

We are looking into this further. We are reaching out to Nissan for more details about this. In Colorado, there is at least one new Frontier truck with this “Tow Package Delete” issue. Take a look at this window sticker that we found via

This is indeed a strange shortage to be facing at this time. Most manufacturers are struggling with the semiconductor/chip shortage. As soon as we get more details – we will update this story.