Alpha Debuts Launch-Ready Design Of Its Wolf EV In Los Angeles: News

It's on display at the Petersen Automotive Museum, but we're still waiting on specs

Alpha Wolf EV

Alpha Wolf EV production won’t start until the end of 2023, the company says.

On Tuesday, Alpha Motor Inc. revealed what’s more or less their production-intended design for the Wolf EV. It’s a regular cab pickup — sure to please some diehard two-door enthusiasts — and will be on display through November at the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. That’s the good news: We have a good idea, after so many renderings, what the truck will look like in the metal.

The down side? We’re still going to have to wait until Q4 2023 at the earliest to see this truck actually hit production.

Still, we can take some solace in Alpha’s debut here. The “production-ready” truck looks pretty close to what we’ve seen in the past, so the final design should make it through the rest of the development process unscathed. That is, if they actually hit their late 2023 production target. You never really know. It’s also a small pickup, which the Ford Maverick has shown there is plenty of hunger for among the public at-large. Ford says that, at this moment, there are 100,000 pending reservations for their relatively tiny truck, and this one looks even smaller still. Plus it has a stock bull bar and Rigid Industries lights up front, up top and a chase rack out back, which screams badass in my mind.

Waiting for more specs

Because we’re so far out, specs at this point are still a question mark. This is just a design launch, in essence, so there’s plenty of time yet for that moving target to shift to a completely different state, even from where Alpha Motors’ internally has the target right this moment. Alpha claims the truck will have a 75-kWh battery pack (same as a Tesla Model Y), and a 0-60 time around 6 seconds. It will come in a single-motor, rear-wheel drive configuration, as well as a dual-motor, all-wheel drive version.

Pricing? The company’s targeting between $36,000 and $46,000 before applicable U.S. federal and state tax incentives. Now, I’d remain skeptical of those figures — if for no other reason than production costs and inflation could shift those prices northward over the next two years. That may also not be enough if the Tesla Cybertruck, for its starting mark around $40,000, can also hold to its targeted MSRP.

For all its ambition, Alpha Motor has yet to actually hit us with a product yet. Hopefully they’ll have a solid hit on their hands — especially with that old-school yet modern styling — but we’re still in for a long wait.

Andre, Nathan and I both hope this truck actually makes it to fruition because it looks pretty sweet, doesn’t it?

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