More 2022 Toyota Tundra Spy Shots: Another Look At What’s Going On At The Rear!

It's one angle of the Tundra we haven't seen too much yet

2022 Toyota Tundra spied
While we’ve officially seen the front of the 2022 Toyota Tundra, this has been one of our first chances to see (most of) the rear. (Images: TFLtruck)

As Toyota rolls out more suspension details, here’s a better look at the rear of the truck.

Just earlier today, Toyota finally showed some technical technical details by way of a new set of underbody shots. In that, we can see the skid plates, suspension and tires — at least as it’s specific to the TRD Pro model. Toyota also divulged the truck’s front end and a bit of the interior, but they’ve yet to give a solid official look at the truck from the rear. Thanks to TFL reader and friend Jose, we can actually get a look at the new truck, which should debut later this year.

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Jose spotted the new Tundra with the body covered in camouflage in El Cajon, California, just outside San Diego. A few points of note that he astutely pointed out in sending these photos:

  • Exhaust is on the left, so gas tank and filler should be on the right as seen in the Tundra TRD Pro rear suspension teasers
  • Coil suspension: The lower link axle mounts are visible. 
  • Taillights: the taillights feature vertical LED strips that blink outward like a Mustang when used in turn indicator mode. 
  • Size: definitely a full-size, not a midsize truck. Compare with the lanes and in one shot some other vehicles are visible. 

As Toyota builds the Tundra in San Antonio, Texas, it’s also worth noting (though we’ve obscured it a bit with our watermark) that the truck is on Texas manufacturer plates.

These shots naturally corroborate what Toyota’s shown so far. If you’re sizing up the 2022 Toyota Tundra and wanted a better look at both ends of the truck, though, this latest prototype out in California more or less shows what’s left for the automaker to actually reveal at this point.

Fortunately, we can draw a couple conclusions here. First, less and less camouflage every time we see these trucks signals the reveal is tantalizingly close. It also signals that Toyota’s in the development home stretch, so hopefully we will finally see the new Tundra on the road as the XK50 generation bows out after nearly 16 years.