Here’s Our Best Glimpse of the Upcoming 2025 Nissan Armada Yet: Video

We should actually see the Armada's full debut in the next few months

Check out this video showing spy shots of the next Nissan Armada.

There’s some obvious changes going on with the next Nissan Armada and related Infiniti QX80, despite the camouflage. It took Andre a little while to figure out which vehicles theses were base on the white disguise and snowy background. At first, he considered the rear of the QX80 to look a bit like a Lexus LX, and the side profile looking a bit like a GM. Those observations were quashed when Andre opened up this story about the upcoming QX80 debut.

If you scrutinize the rear of one of the test mules, you can clearly see a resemblance. This leads us to conclude that the other vehicle, with a completely different rear end, is the next Nissan Armada. Once you accept this, it’s easy to see the Armada design in the profile and stance. It still resembles the current Armada design.

Powertrain possibilities

While Nissan has not officially announced a new powertrain for the next Armada and QX80, most observers agree it will be a twin turbocharged V6. Update: This is confirmed! More info here.

The current 5.6-liter ‘Endurance’ V8, along with the 7-speed automatic transmission is a bit of a relic – and we expect it to be terminated. That means, for the first time in about 20-years, Nissan will be without a V8. Logic seems to point to Nissan being completely done with V8s altogether. I mean, the Titan is out the door, so it seems logical that the V8 will be cut as well.

We expect to see a lot more news coming from Nissan in the near future, so stay tuned and check out the details we currently have below:

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