U.S. Fuel Prices Continue to Climb – Fuel Delivery Labor Shortage Is Partially to Blame

Western states are hit hard.

usa july 2021 fuel gas price record climb sale shortage
Image: AAA.com

According to the national fuel data tracked by AAA.com, fuel prices continue to rise and some areas are experiencing prices that are approaching all-time record highs. The west coast and other western states are hit particularly hard. CBS4 Denver is reporting that local Colorado fuel prices are going up due to fuel delivery labor shortages.

There are many factors that are contributing to higher fuel prices across the board. As the country and the world continues to emerge from the pandemic, more people want to travel and vacation. If you are traveling on vacation to popular destinations, you may see even higher prices there due to higher demand.

Here is a detailed look at fuel prices by county in California, Texas, and Colorado.

The Mono Country in eastern California has some of the highest prices with regular gasoline averaging at $5.057 per gallon. Some of the counties in Texas have regular gasoline prices averaging at around $2.666 per gallon.

If the prices continue to climb much higher, choosing an efficient truck will become more and more important. What are the fuel prices in your neck of the woods? Let us know in the comments section below.