Rivian Files Patent For ‘K-Turn’ Mode To Improve Their Truck’s Maneuverability — Here’s How It Works!

It's not clear whether this feature will eventually make it into production trucks

Rivian Files Patent For 'K-Turn' Mode To Improve Their Truck's Maneuverability — Here's How It Works!

It looks like Rivian has a new party piece, after showing off its ‘Tank Turn’ earlier this year.

Rivian’s K-Turn Mode appears to maneuver by sending torque to the front and rear wheels at the same time. Under certain circumstances, at least, that would be a useful feature, such as maneuvering out of a tight parking space. From the images shown in this patent application, it looks like the rear wheels go in reverse. At the same time, the front wheels are going forward, but only if they are turned. In other words, it will anchor the rear end, so to speak, while allowing the front end to rotate — decreasing the R1T‘s turning radius.

While the first Rivian trucks are making their way to customers soon, this technology still looks to be under development. This new K-Turn programming appears to be a more precise maneuver than the Tank Turn, although the company’s trucks may yet see that feature implemented down the line.

Rivian Files Patent For 'K-Turn' Mode To Improve Their Truck's Maneuverability — Here's How It Works!

Here’s how Rivian describes it:

“The K-turn mode is engaged in response to determining that an amount that at least one of the front wheels of the vehicle is turned exceeds a turn threshold. While operating in the K-turn mode, forward torque is provided to the front wheels of the vehicle. Further, backward torque is provided to the rear wheels of the vehicle. Yet further, the rear wheels of the vehicle remain substantially in static contact with a ground while the front wheels slip in relation to the ground.”


We still do not have details on these or other maneuverability features, other than press releases. In this case, we have the patent application published through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Regardless of whether the K-Turn actually makes it to the Rivian R1T in the near future, we’re just excited to drive the production truck. Stay tuned for more coming up on TFLtruck soon!

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