2023 GMC Sierra HD Caught Testing: What’s On The Way With This Refresh? (Spied)

Here's what we can see so far

Our friend Russ caught the refreshed GMC Sierra HD on the highway in Nebraska. (Images: TFLtruck, courtesy of Russ W.)

These prototypes are still heavily camouflaged.

It hasn’t been long since GM overhauled both the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra HD trucks, with their last update coming for the 2020 model year. Nevertheless, the automaker is working on updating its heavy duty models alongside the light duty trucks, and we expect a full reveal to come sometime next year. Our friend Russ emailed in these photos showing the camo-laden pre-production models rolling through Nebraska. Even with all the coverings, there are some clues as to what we can expect when these new trucks when GM actually announces them.

Based on the general grille shape, the clearest truck we can see on the road here is the 2023 GMC Sierra HD. While the cab configuration looks more or less the same — as do the mirrors — there are a few changes in the front end. The camouflage covers what looks like at least a slightly revised grille. It looks like GM fitted placeholder headlights to this truck, suggesting we’ll see some revised headlights that integrate into an updated grille as well.

From the back, it looks like the 2023 GMC Sierra mostly retains the same styling as before. The rear bumper looks pretty much like the current truck, but we do seem to be getting new taillights. So far, so status quo when it comes to mid-life refreshes. While we don’t see inside the test trucks this time, we know an interior update is also in store for the HD trucks. Like the GMC Sierra 1500, it’s definitely reasonable to expect a digital instrument cluster to go along with the overhauled infotainment system.

What other changes could we see?

While we know GM’s Super Cruise will make its way to their half-ton trucks (namely the Sierra) late next year, it’s still a question mark whether we’ll see it in the HD space just yet. Sure, the automaker’s full-size Escalade has the feature, but whether there’s a use case for it considering a substantial number of HD owners tow — and whether GM or buyers can square the extra cost — is an important consideration.

Beyond the styling and tech changes, we may well see some powertrain updates coming down the pike as well. At least we’d hope so, as GM will likely want to tweak the Duramax turbodiesel’s power and torque output to compete with Ford and Ram, both of which put out over 1,000 lb-ft of torque.

2023 GMC Sierra HD update