2022 GMC Sierra Super Cruise Reveal Hints At Revamped Interior: Did GM Change It Enough?

It's not a radical overhaul, but we see some welcome tweaks

GMC Sierra Super Cruise

Meet the 2022 GMC Sierra — or at least a small part of it. General Motors announced the inclusion of their Super Cruise semi-autonomous system into their half-ton truck for the 2022 model year. With that announcement, we can also see some subtle changes to the interior design overall, such as the digital instrument cluster. However, there are other tweaks in GMC’s image some may not notice at first glance.

Peering through the steering wheel, it appears GM also reconfigured the center stack and HVAC vents to accommodate a larger infotainment screen. The volume knob has been moved up, and to the right the updated system appears to have a USB Type-C port. Perched atop the steering wheel is an infrared camera pointed at the driver. That is part of the driver attention system integrated into Super Cruise. It is largely a hands-off system, it does still require the driver to pay attention. To that end, the driver monitoring system makes sure they pay attention, instead of forcing the driver to periodically touch the wheel to prevent the system from disengaging.

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2019 GMC Sierra. [Photo: GMC]

What about that digital instrument cluster?

Apart from the steering wheel indicator, the 2022 GMC Sierra should also display Super Cruise’s active systems through the instrument cluster. With the system fully engaged, the cruise control is set to a certain speed, and green indicators show the system is working and keeping a certain distance from vehicles in front of the truck.

Bear in mind, this is a “simulated image”, at least according to GMC. That means we may not be able to take too much stock by what’s shown here. But, we do know a refresh is on the horizon, particularly as the new Ford F-150 hits dealers. As it stands, the GMC Sierra 1500 Denali is available with either a V8 gas engine or a Duramax turbodiesel. Based on what the instrument cluster shows, it looks like this truck has the latter, for whatever that’s worth. Finally, GM appears to have made some minor trim changes to the instrument panel above the gauge cluster and infotainment system, at least on the Denali.

What do you think of these changes? Do you think the 2022 GMC Sierra’s interior has changed enough, or are you looking for more (like a redesigned steering wheel, stalks, and so on)?