Here’s The Ford F-150 Lightning Before You’re Supposed To See It: News

You’re technically supposed to see it tomorrow, but here. you have it — a sneak peek of sorts at the Ford F-150 Lightning.

Surprise? Here’s the Ford F-150 Lightning!

Here it is, at least unofficially — the 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning in the sheet metal. While it was under a cover just a few hours ago, Ford unmasked its all-electric truck in time for President Joe Biden to make a speech in Michigan at the Blue Oval’s own Rouge plant. It’s not in the best focus in most of the coverage (for obvious reasons), but parked adjacent to an old-school F-100, that light bar leaves no doubt that this is really the Lightning.

Not to mention CNBC autos reporter Michael Wayland said just as much:

For now, Ford declined to make any other comments on the new truck. Again, we’re only 18 hours or so off the official reveal, which is coming at 9:30 P.M. Wednesday. Ford will build the electric truck this upcoming spring at the Rouge plant in Dearborn. Next to a standard Ford F-150, the Lightning looks fairly conventional, with the exception of the light bar and the solid grille.