Video: Mr. Truck On Trucks – Here’s Everything That’s GREAT (And Not) about this 2nd-Gen Dodge Ram 1500!

Is this truck a hero or a zero?

Mr. Truck On Trucks, is here to do a review, and impart his insight regarding the 2nd-Gen Dodge Ram 1500.

Our friend Mr. Truck came to our studios to take a look at our 2nd-gen Dodge Ram 1500. This was done in advance of our “No Payment Needed – To Hell and Back” series, which will debut soon. The reason was, we honestly do not know if these trucks will make it back to the studio after filming in Moab, UT.

That’s especially true for the 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport with the Off-Road package.

Keep in mind, this truck killed the $5,000 budget, as it cost $5,000. That left us with no real money for upgrades, but we still had a $1,500 budget to augment the truck from We immediately jumped on the website to look for an exhaust system, hoping to wake up the old 360 CID V8 sound. While it was the most powerful of the three trucks, it was also one of the quietest, and it gobbled gasoline with gourmandizing delight. Perhaps a tuner would help as well?

Two of the updates we had to add, regardless of blowing the budget brakes and lights. The brakes had to be bled and serviced, and we desperately needed the headlights replaced, or upgraded. Being that this model is a “Sport,” we had to spend even more money finding headlights that fit right. Apparently, the bumper design on the Sport model is different than the other models. As such, we spent a ton of dough on those headlights too.

We were pleased that this baby has 4.10 gears, a factory lift, and a limited-slip rear differential. It also has a four-speed automatic transmission that has been worked rater hard. In fact, that could very well be the weakest link with this 2nd-gen Dodge Ram 1500, that four-speed automatic. We had to be kind of careful with it, before we bash it in Moab, UT.

You can read more about us acquiring this truck (here).

Good ol’ Mr. Truck is here to test and talk about this truck, and give us his unfiltered response on whether or not we bought a hero – or a zero.

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