Video: I Get Hands-On With The Brand New GMC Hummer EV SUV — Here’s Everything You Need To Know!

This is where luxury and off-road meet.

2024 gmc hummer ev suv first review

You have already watched the world debut of the 2024 GMC Hummer EV right here on TFLtruck. Now we have many new details and information about the all-new SUV. The SUV and the truck share the new Ultium chassis and many other components and its design. The SUV rides on a wheelbase that is nine inches shorter than that of the truck, and the SUV’s total length is nearly 20 inches shorter.

Since the SUV rides on a shorter chassis, it has a smaller battery and a shorter driving range than the truck. The SUV’s horsepower output is also less. The SUV 20-pack battery allows for an estimated 300+ mile range. The total 3-motor setup output is rated at 830 horsepower and 11,500 lb-ft of grounded torque at the wheels. By the way, you may have noticed that the SUV and the truck use 8-lug wheel hubs. GMC has not revealed curb weight or payload ratings of these trucks yet, but GMC says the 8-lug bolt pattern is a bit smaller than that on a current Sierra HD truck. Hence, the Hummer bolt pattern is unique.

Here are a few other angles and views of the new Hummer EV SUV.

Charge Your Friend

The new Hummer vehicles will offer a fast-charging capability of up to 300 kW. GMC says the vehicles will be able to gain around 100 miles of range in about 10 minutes with the fastest available charging. The Hummer SUV will also offer something called the New Power Station. This is a generator/inverter capability to run external tools, accessories, or charge another vehicle. The generator functionality is rated at 120v/25amps/3kW. This is quite a bit less than the 240v/30amps/7.2kW that the current 2021 Ford F-150 Hybrid is offering. The Hummer’s “charge your friend” feature is meant for charging other electric vehicles at 240v/25amps/6kW.

Here is a more detailed specifications comparison between the Hummer SUV and the Hummer Truck.

gmc hummer ev suv

Here are a few more views of the interior and all of the technology that is inside.

Satellite Trail Maps

The new Hummer vehicles will also be equipped with real-time satellite trail maps to help discover and navigate new trails. This feature will also allow the driver to monitor real-time energy consumption and allow for route planning.

HUMMER EV SUV standard features and technologies include:
• Large, 13.4-inch-diagonal infotainment screen and 12.3-inch-diagonal driver information center display
• In-vehicle Energy App that that monitors energy use, sets up charging schedules, battery temperature
conditioning and more.
• Digital Key allows owners to use their smartphone as the key fob for their HUMMER EV. The technology
detects the owner’s phone and its location in proximity to the vehicle, enabling a number of passive
operations such as approach lighting, entry unlock, and vehicle operation.
• HD Surround Vision with up to 14 camera views and available UltraVision offers 17 camera views with
underbody cameras (included with available Extreme Off-Road Pack)
• Off-Road Widgets offer a myriad of information related to the HUMMER EV’s selectable capabilities and
performance readouts in off-road driving scenarios — everything from the ride height and eLocker
engagement to compass headings, pitch/roll status, and more.

GMC started to accept reservations for the GMC Hummer EV SUV, and the top-of-the-line Edition 1 model reservations are now all full. The reservations include a $100 deposit.

Just in case you are wondering, here are just a few of the GMC Hummer EV SUV early design sketches. What do you think?

Join me for this personal view of the new Hummer EV SUV in this TFLtruck Youtube video.