GM and Chevrolet Renew the ‘Cheyenne’ Trademark Name

Which new truck will Chevy put this name on?

1988 chevy k1500 silverado cheyenne
image: Chevrolet

General Motors and Chevrolet introduced the “Cheyenne” nameplate for the 1971 model year.

General Motors filed for this trademark application in April 2021 and was initially discovered by the Muscle Car & Trucks website. The Cheyenne nameplate disappeared years back, but Chevy used the name on a few concepts in the not too distant past. The trim level name was dedicated to the C/K truck, before adding it to the K5 Blazer lineup. Chevrolet used the name as a trim level that included interior and exterior upgrades. It sat under the Silverado trim level as well, before Chevrolet adopted the Silverado name for all of its full-size pickup trucks.

There’s a ton of speculation about the Cheyenne name

GM has made no official statements about the trademark application. That won’t stop the speculation. One of the more logical theories is that GM simply wants to simply keep the Cheyenne name to itself, preventing someone else from using it.

A wild (yet cool) theory is that Chevrolet will use the name on a vehicle that has yet to be announced. Speculators state that it could be a small, entry-level pickup that slots underneath the Chevrolet Colorado. They say it could compete with the Honda Ridgeline, all-new Hyundai Santa Cruz, and the upcoming Ford Maverick.

Ford Maverick (Image: TFLtruck)

Some are saying that the old idea of having the Cheyenne trim sitting just above the entry-level (Work Truck “WT”) Silverado seems logical. They think it will be a package trim that will give you several options on discount. Basically, it could be a trim that slots between WT and LT.

Another conspiracy theory is that the name will spotlight the electric option coming up on the future Silverado EV. Something to the effect of, “Chevrolet Silverado Cheyenne EV.” I’m pretty doubtful about that one.

What do you think? Is the Cheyenne name something to be excited about, or maybe not?

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