The Next-Gen VW Amarok Truck Is Previewed – It’s Related to the Next Ford Ranger

2023 VW Amarok

VW shows a preview of what the next Amarok pickup truck may look like. Volkswagen currently does not sell the Amarok in the United States. This latest sketch provides a little more realistic idea of the design. The truck has a unique and rugged look with prominent tow hooks and a winch up front. While the production version will likely appear more toned down, it’s great to see where the design is going.

Ford and Volkswagen announced a platform and technology sharing agreement last year. The upcoming Amarok will be based on the platform and chassis that also underpins the upcoming Ford Ranger. We have already seen the next Ranger prototypes testing in the wild. We still do not have any official dates about when the next Ford Ranger or the VW Amarok will make their official debuts. We also do not know if VW is planning to sell the next Amarok in the United States.

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