Does a Tundra Dragster Truck Finally DEFEAT the Ram TRX in a Drag Race? Run What You Brung Ep.4

Can either of these two Tundras usurp Ram's mega-truck?

Does a Tundra Dragster Truck Finally DEFEAT the Ram TRX in a Drag Race? Run What You Brung Ep.4

Our might Ram TRX takes on a ridiculously powerful Toyota Tundra dragster truck!

Two trucks were provided by our friends at ToyTec: a 550 horsepower Toyota Tundra off-roader and a 650 horsepower Toyota Tundra setup for drag-racing. Seriously, the thing has Hoosier drag slicks on the back, it’s lowered, lightened and prepped for serious speed.

ToyTec brought both trucks, just to see how they would compare to our 702 horsepower Ram TRX. Honestly, we thought both trucks, which are lighter than the TRX, would be a hell of a challenge for the beastly Hellcat. The thing is: the TRX is a factory-built monster, one that Ram knew would be raced, so it’s no slouch.

The white 2014 Toyota Tundra has a big Magnuson Supercharger sitting on top of its 5.7-liter V8. It makes over 550 horsepower. While it falls well short of the TRX’s maximum output, the Tundra is a bit lighter – so we expected a good race. ToyTec built this Tundra up to showcase their off-road acumen. The lift, tires, armor and power represent the serious potential of the Tundra – and it looks great.

Methanol is the name of the game with the red Tundra dragster truck. It’s a 2014 Toyota Tundra with a huge Harrop supercharger and is running on methanol fuel. According to ToyTec, it ran a 12.7-second quarter mile run at Bandimere Speedway. Considering Badimere sits at over a mile above sea-level (5,800 feet), that quarter mile time is impressive.

Does a Tundra Dragster Truck Finally DEFEAT the Ram TRX in a Drag Race? Run What You Brung Ep.4

Traction, traction, and more TRACTION

One thing the Ram TRX has going for it (other than ridiculous power) is the ability to send all of the power to the ground with maximum grip. Yea, I know it has off-road tires – which suck for drag racing, but the 4WD/AWD system used in the TRX is extremely effective. It sends power to all four wheels and minimizes traction loss – despite the horsepower.

We’ve seen this in the past with the Dodge Durango SRT Hellcat and Jeep Grand Cherokee Track Hawk. These vehicles know how to put the power down. Check out this video and see if you agree!

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