Video: Did We Buy a Toyota Tacoma With a Rotten Frame? We Find Out – Baby Yota Ep.5

Did we dodge a bullet?

2002 toyota tacoma baby toytec suspension frame

One major issue with old Toyota Tacomas – rotten frames: did we screw up with project Baby Yota?

One of the issues we’ve seen with lots of older Toyota Tacomas is the reoccurring rotten (rusted) frame, hopefully not on Baby Yota. It’s especially prevalent with trucks that are subjected to heavy moisture and in snow country. TFL Studios is located in the Rocky Mountains – snow country.

Our little Tacoma came with a mild-mannered 2.7-liter four-cylinder engine hooked up to a four-speed automatic transmission. It has a proper two-speed transfer case, open front and rear differentials too. Other than an upgraded stereo system, cool wheels and old rubber, the truck is simple and fairly stock.

We brought Baby Yota to our new partner ToyTec to get a full inspection throughout. It turns out that Toyota probably had to replace the frame in a recall many years ago. It was a huge and somewhat expensive recall, but it gave trucks, like Baby Yota – an excellent frame and a new life.

In the future, we will be using ToyTec’ help give our Baby Yota a proper mild suspension lift.

Baby Yota will become a slick little overlanding truck that will go up for auction in the near future. Over the next several months, we will be doing a full update on the truck. We will make it more off-road-worthy, more reliable, run better and it will have some cool overlanding upgrades. True, we have a tight timeline for this project, but it’s all worth it in the end.

We paid $7,700 for the truck – which may, or may not have been a good idea. Once it is placed on our site, all proceeds from this project will go to the Mountain States Children’s Home in Colorado. Check out this video and tell us what you think we should do with our tiny little project truck!

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