The Next Nissan Frontier Makes Its World Debut Soon!

The date is Feb 4, 2021.

Nissan Frontier – live event

The next-generation Nissan Frontier world debut is getting ever closer. Nissan recently published a Live event countdown that shows this silhouette of a pickup truck. While we don’t have all of the information, many unofficial reports suggest that Nissan will indeed introduce the next-generation Frontier on Feb 4th, 2021 alongside the new Nissan Pathfinder.

Nissan also published this silhouette of an SUV – presumably the next Pathfinder.

We have been waiting for these two vehicles to debut with great anticipation over the last several months. This is mainly because we have seen many Frontier and Pathfinder prototypes testing in the wild. We have seen these test vehicles ourselves. Many of you sent us countless images of these prototypes as well. We published many videos and articles about them.

Now, we have an indication from Nissan that these two very important next-generation vehicles will be unveiled in about two weeks from now.