The 2022 GMC Hummer is the Truck I’m Most Excited to Drive in 2021!

2022 gmc hummer ev truck sale

The 2022 GMC Hummer looks EPIC and if it drives as cool as it looks…

Yes, I know the three-motor Edition 1 2022 GMC Hummer truck prices around $112,000 – but that doesn’t diminish my desire to drive one. Not one bit. For one thing, they will build less expensive (less capable) two-motor Hummers a few years after the beefier one come out. The less pricy $79,995 model, which will be here Spring 2024 – according to GMC. On top of that, it will be the first serious off-road all-electric truck on the market.

For me, it’s like a glimpse into the future.

Once this technology, infrastructure, and manufacturing pricing catch up with future expectations; it’s possible that we’ll see inexpensive EV trucks based on this tech everywhere. Mind you, that could be a decade away. Still, I’m excited to see how they address range, power, towing, and other issues.

There is a lot of positive buzz about the 2022 GMC Hummer. According to this story, 10,000 orders have already been secured. Other off-road-capable EV trucks are coming from Tesla, Rivian, Ford, and others, but this looks like a serious off-roader right out of the box.

Off-road capability:

  • With adaptive air suspension, it has up to 11.9-inches of grand clearance and can ford 24-inches of water. The Hummer’s approach angle is 41.5 degrees with a departure angle of 31.6 degrees. In “Terrain Mode” that increases to 44.3 degrees approach and 33.7 departure angles – which is ridiculous. Ah, but wait – there’s more! If you get the optional “Extract Mode” – it increases everything. Ground clearance rises to 15.4-inches with water fording depth increasing to 32-inches.
  • Only active at slow speeds, Extract Mode will increase the approach angle to 49.7-degrees, departure angle up to 38.4-degrees. The breakover angle increases from 25.4-degrees to 32.2-degrees. Those numbers are epic. Suspension travel is 13-inches all-around, which is mighty good as well.
  • The four-wheel steering system, coupled with the crab-walk capability should be awesome assets off-road. Crab-walk will allow the Hummer to move in a lateral fashion, with the rear wheels angled in the same direction as the front. This could be helpful on the trail, but it’s mostly a (cool) gimmick. Those rear wheels can turn up to 10-degrees, which is a lot more than the old-school Quadrasteer system. All of this capability should be helped by a stupid amount of torque.
From bold and futuristic design cues, to cleverly executed details, the GMC HUMMER EV reimagines an instantly-recognizable silhouette for a modern, all-electric future.

Yea, but can it “truck?”

  • According to GM, the three-motor setup produces 1,100-hp and 11,500 lb-ft of torque. It can run from 0 to 60-mph times of 3.0 seconds. After being inundated by all of our Tesla videos on the track, you know that EVs are fast as hell. All of that power is great for fun, but what about being a truck?
  • Payload and towing expectations: GMC has yet to release official numbers for towing and payload. EV fanboys have already stated that the Hummer will be a lifestyle truck, not meant for long-distance hauling or towing. Still, if you’re going to haul your overpriced Airstream or next-gen EV side-by-side to the hills, you need the capability. Many experts say that the payload will be between 1,500 and 3,000 lbs… which is vague.
  • Towing is even more dubious, given the extreme drain on EV power systems. In our experience, the range loss vs. weight makes (current) EVs a poor towing choice. With that being said, if GMC can give us something like a 7,000 lbs tow rating for 200-miles – I would be ecstatic.

I absolutely dig the interior and exterior design of the 2022 GMC Hummer. Everything from the translucent/removable roof panels to the extra cargo compartments looks amazing. If it drives half as good as it looks, we could be in for a treat.

I know you’ve seen lots of static photos and walk-around videos, but no one has truly tested this truck – yet.

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